Clickbank University

Can you really make money with CLICKBANK? There are thousands of affiliate around the world making money and they do it just sitting in front of their computer.

You too can do it and the first step is to go to Clickbank University. Get more information from the experts.

The Clickbank funnel

The Clickbank funnel

Clickbank Webinar

Tonight is my second time attending this seminar. The first was a few days ago but I was too sleepy to sit in front of the computer after about half an hour.

Its a good webinar for those who want to make money online using clickbank.

The most important tips to make money online is to generate traffic. I totally agree with that they are saying. Traffic means potential buyer of the product that you are selling. Whats the point of promoting something when there is nobody looking at what yo promote .


Panduan Peperiksaan Online SPA

Jika anda tertanya-tanya bagaimanakah peperiksaan online yang akan dijalankan oleh JPA, sila tonton video clip ini.

Sudahkah anda dapat buku panduan untuk peperiksaan tersebut? Jika belum, Tim Infokerjaya akan membuka jualan pada 23 -25 Mei 2014. Buat tempahan DI SINI 

Making Money Part Time @home

Do you feel you are struggling to make end meets? The situation of todays economy squeezing your wallet can end up stressing not only your wallet but also your mind. Maybe your 9-5 work hours couldn’t meet your monthly budget but fret not. There are always means to cope with the shortages.

There are two options to make end meets. First find a second income which means confiscating your time with your family and your bed. Secondly doing it at home online while sipping coffee with your loved ones and your kids beside you or even on your bed before that foreplay start…….Uhhhhhh…….

The choice is yours. The first choice is easy, skim through advertisements and classified and find one job that suits your time or your expertise. However if your need for extra income is not too urgent you can opt for the second that is working from home. Home does not confine to your house but also anywhere you are as long you have access to the internet.

If you want to make money @home this statement might be of interest to you

Who Else Wants to Make RM800-RM1,000 Part Time, Working From Home? Join Our FREE Webinar Now to Discover The Secrets!

You can register for a free webinar for a start to find out how the opportunities of making money from home. This webinar will be conducted by a Malaysian Internet Guru Gobala Krishnan and here are what you are going to learn.

 How affiliate marketing works, and it can work for you
How to start making money in the next 48 hours.
– How to make RM800-RM1,000 a month working from home
– How to create a proven affiliate marketing system in any niche


All you need to attend this online webinar is only your computer internet and headphone. Just ask your wife to prepare a cup of coffee. LOL.

Buku Panduan Dan Rujukan Peperiksaan Akauntan W41

sudah terbitJVKERJAYAImage

Adakah anda seorang Pegawai Akauntan W41 di Jabatan Kerajaan atau Badan Berkanun? Sudah pasti anda perlu menduduki peperiksaan bertulis untuk tujuan pengesahan jawatan. Jika LULUS maka proses pengesahan anda akan dapat dipercepatkan, jika tidak maka anda kena tunggu sehingga peperiksaan seterusnya.

Lulus dan disahkan dalam jawatan adalah masa hadapan anda sebagai penjawat awam. Jadi adakah anda membuat persediaan untuk menghadapi peperiksaan yang akan di adaan pada 6hb Mei 2014 nanti?

Piha Infokerjaya ada menerbitkan Buku Panduan Peperiksaan mengikut Gred Jawatan untuk membantu calon-calon LULUS Peperiksaan.

Antara TIPS untuk menghadapi Peperiksaan

  • Terlalu Gemuruh
  • Kecuaian diri sendiri
  • Soalan tidak diduga

Dapatkan Review PERCUMA


Anda kena ambil ingatan bahawa Soalan dirangka untuk MENGAGALKAN 90% daripada calon. JANGAN anda berada dalam kelompok 90% tersebut.

Dapatkan Tips dari InfoKerjaya dan Insyaallah anda akan melepasinya.

Buku Panduan akan mula dijual pada 1 hingga 4 Mei 2014. Sila RUJUK SINI untuk mendapat maklumat lanjut. Lihatlah testimoni dari seorang pembeli

Testomoni JV Infokerjaya

Buku Rujukan Peperiksaan Pegawai Penerangan S41


Anda dipanggil ke sesi peperiksaan SPA 1 MAC ini? Ianya adalah untuk kemasukan Pegawai Penerangan S41

Jika ada, kami ucapkan salam sukses!

Eh tapi jangan lupa mula buat persediaan rapi bermula SEKARANG!

Sikit fakta untuk anda berkaitan calon yang GAGAL tapisan SPA;

– Tahun 2012, 95.64% GAGAL
– Tahun 2011, 96.72% GAGAL
– Tahun 2010, 97.89% GAGAL

Tahun 2013 masih belum dikeluarkan statistik, tapi untuk tahun 2014..

… jika anda calon, ianya terletak di tangan anda!

Buat persediaan AWAL
Buat persediaan RAPI
Buat persediaan TERSUSUN 



Jika anda perlukan rujukan untuk persediaan anda, ini
bakal bantu anda;


Ianya daripada Tim Infokerjaya yang dulunya dikenali dengan Team Tipsptd

Mereka telah bantu lebih 60,000 orang graduan dalam peperiksaan SPA sejak tahun 2009

Ambil pengalaman mereka untuk  manfaat persediaan anda. Terus semak di;


Buat persediaan dan tinggalkan mereka yang masih leka tunggu tarikh peperiksaan tanpa persediaan!

Salam sukses untuk anda

Get Paid For Online Surverys

One simple way to earn online is filling in surveys. Just a few minutes of your time and you might be on your way to increase your part time income.

Surveys might not be considered passive income because money comes when you work. Online surveys can be a high income generator and there are people who are able to make more than $3,000 by doing paid surveys. Go to GET CASH FOR SURVEY to get started and you might be on your way to make money online.

Meanwhile here’s your FREE Affiliate Marketing Handbook


Make Money With Tumblr

Internet marketers had been going all out to market on popular social media sites especially on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. There are actually many other social media sites that had not been utilised but has the potential to drove traffic, backlinks and social signals.

Tumblr, a microblogging platform owned by Yahoo is a neglected sites. As on  February 7, 2014, Tumblr hosts over 170.2 million blogs. Now you view this video that might give you some idea that Tumblr can be your next money making machine.

Getting Confused With Niche?

find a profitable niche market and then search for affiliate programmes that operate within that market. It is actually a lot quicker and easier to do it the other way round.   – See more at:

Well, of course the first thing before you want to ride onto any business whether online or offline is to find the best niche to hang on. I think most of you had already knew what is a niche. If not just ask Uncle Google.

To find and select the right niche can be quite a headache for some newbies but with todays advancement internet playground, it can be resolved quickly.

I subscribed to one site that sends me articles daily and today I want to share one of the post abut niche: How To Pick A Profitable Niche That Converts. If you are still confused about your niche that can convert, why not drop yourself at the page.

CB Passive Income


Operation Quick Money Handbook
Affiliate Marketing Handbook

How To Create Mobile Apps And Earn Money In 7 Days

Mobile Apps will be the next In-thing that we can engage to make money online. Mobile phones is fast growing and its population will exceed human population. There are thousands of Mobile apps flowing into the Mobile Apps market on iOS, Indroid and Windows. There’s a lucrative money making opportunity in the Mobile Apps technology.

If you know how to create the Apps, just any simple apps, it is the starting point of your money making prospect. You can buy eBooks and start your venture. I found this eBook below at a low affordable price.


The reason you can make money faster and easier creating Apps than any other way is because…

– Apps have the highest profit margins possible!

– There are “Zero” production and delivery costs!

– There’s little or no risk! You don’t have to buy a garage full of products to get started.

– You can create lifetime customers with the right Apps!

Imagine. . .

If you create a simple App and it gives you $15.00 every day, that would give you$450.00 a month extra income! And this money will come in whether you’re at the beach, on a golf course, or in a coma for that matter.

Now imagine. . .

If you create 10 simple Apps in the next couple of months you could be making up to $54,000.00 in your first year!

But here’s the catch: anyone can make serious money with Apps. . .

. . .but only if you can

1. Create a good App;

-In just a moment I’m going to show you the most amazing system ever invented for creating a killer Apps without coing! Trust me, nobody has ever told you how to do this the way I’m about to.

2. Find a niche for it;

Maybe you are one of the rare people that have the time and ability to create your own App. . . The problem is you could spend months or even years working on your App only to find out that nobody wants it.

-My cant-miss system will give you access to unlimited markets of eager customers that have been tried and tested. There’s no guesswork!

3. Convince people to get your App.

-The difference with this system is that you will have instant “expert” status. You won’t have to spend years building a loyal client base. Other best-selling Apps willdo the job for you!

So Is There Really a Way to Create a Killer App Without Wasting Your Time Struggling to Code and Distribute it Yourself???