mFace – What Is That?

This is just an exposure of the name mface. I will keep posting more about this from time to time. I am sorry if this is in Mandarin since the major market is in China eventhough its a Malaysian based company under the umbrella of MBI Group of Companies. MBI is based in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Below is a YouTube video during mface launching ceremony di Kuala Lumpur.

This is another video published in Indonesia.

With those three sample video, do you think this is just another Quick rich scheme?

After watching, if you would like to find out more send your email address to

Me A Newbie Affiliate

I spent the evening today reading about CPA Marketing. I am a newbie, so I need to read a lot. The article was a FREE download from affiliatefix tittled the Newbie411.

My first lesson from reading Newbie411 is that the Affiliate Network earns money if the Affiliate earns money. So both parties need the support from each other. As I mentioned before, I am new and hope what article I find from the net can help me to build my Affiliate Marketing. I also need help and advice from successful Internet enterpreneur who are riding the success wave.

To date I had join clickbank and found out that I had been a affiliate since the 90s but was inactive. Recently I join as affiliate on Peerfly. I had posted about it in my previous post.

CPA or Cost Per Action means the amount for a  conversion such a sale or lead. We can divert many traffic to our website or advertisement but what matter most is not the large amount of traffic but the conversion rate. In easy term, how many of them really take action on your advertisement.

I had been a affiliate on one Malaysian Affiliate Network for a few years but until today, I had not make a single cent yet. The reason maybe I was not aggressive enough in marketing or did not spend much time on it. Being a local Malaysian website, maybe the market is not that large what more the products are mostly in Bahasa Malaysia.