New To IM?

If you are new to Internet Marketing you should read this article by Neil Patel and Ritika Puri




Make Money With Tumblr

Internet marketers had been going all out to market on popular social media sites especially on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. There are actually many other social media sites that had not been utilised but has the potential to drove traffic, backlinks and social signals.

Tumblr, a microblogging platform owned by Yahoo is a neglected sites. As on  February 7, 2014, Tumblr hosts over 170.2 million blogs. Now you view this video that might give you some idea that Tumblr can be your next money making machine.

After Internet Marketing Seminar Still At Square One

Attended an Internet Marketing Seminar recently and it all participants paid to attend. No doubt there are some new knowledge gained from the speakers.

However as with all previous Internet Marketing seminars, the format was all the same. It was more towards opportunity from the speaker to preview his Internet Marketing class for a fee and it was not cheap.

Personally I think it is not quite right get attendees to pay just to listen to his previews since nowadays Internet Marketing tips are available in abundance on the internet.

After attending the class, I summed up that my objective when I registered was not achieved. I was expecting when I leave the seminar room, I was able to start building and upload my first landing page, squeeze page, sales letter, nag page etc. At the end of the class I still step out on square one on how to start Internet Marketing. 

2 Leads In Less Than 12 Hours?

I started working on my new CBPassiveIncome Internet Marketing at midnight and had 2 Lead when I woke up in the morning and that is less than 12 hours. Now I am keeping my finger crossed to attract more lead and the lead then turn into conversion. I just start work after updating my profile and obtain my unique link before posting it to Facebook.

I had written a post too HERE. It is still a long way before I can auto pilot my CBPassiveIncome Secret Page and I will move on at my own pace.

I thought I had written a new post on this blog but it seems to land on another blog of mine. However it will be a waste of my time to rewrite agains since that post had already been published there. However I can still lead you th that blog HERE.

Internet To Income 4 Seminar


Malaysia has many successful Internet Marketer and they seems not stingy and want to share how they make money on-line. Come December 2013, Patric Chan will be talking in a 2 day Internet Marketing Seminar to be held in Kuala Lumpur. If you are interested book your date on 14 and 15 December 2013. It will be held at Intercontinental hotel on Jalan Ampang. Its next to Citibank and Ampang Park LRT Station. 

Patric Chan will conduct a two day Internet To Income Seminar by himself and it will be an opportunity to learn from successful marketeer. I had already registered for the seminar and paid for the Early Bird price. Visit this LINK

Build Online Store With Shopify

ImageYou want an internet store to market your products or service. There is an online eCommerce software that does not need user to have technical experience to setup. User can choose from the template provided and design his/her store.

Go to Shopify and give yourself a 14 days FREE trial before deciding to continue with your store from as low as $29 monthly. There are three plans available and all plans comes with unlimited Bandwidth.